Creative Suite used heavily for AVATAR!

Here is an interesting interesting video interview with Jon Landau, producer of James Cameron’s new epic Avatar. He talks abut how the Adobe Creative Suite played a critical role in the production the production of the movie. Really interesting to see that the very software you and I use was used to create the world of Avatar. Click here to checkout the interview. Also check out the really cool interactive trailer on the same page.



  1. GBee 22 December, 2009 at 13:22 Reply

    Have you seen it yet Corey? I saw it on the 20th. Not so sure about the 3D though, so I’m going to see it again in plain old 2D so I have something to compare it to. Does where you sit in the theater make a difference on the 3D?

    I absolutely loved the fact that you totally forget that some of the characters are animated. I never once felt like I was watching animation. Extreme, supreme use of PS and other parts of CS.

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