Dot-Cutout Paper Text Effect

This tutorial will explain how to create a colorful dot-cutout paper text effect, by rasterizing the type layers, then creating and stroking work paths with a modified round brush. It will also explain the process of adding a couple of adjustment layers to modify the coloring of the final result.


Blending Watercolor with Reality Using Filter Forge

Since Photoshop is capable of producing so many spectacular effects, it’s not often that I turn to third-party software to get the job done. I make exceptions, however, when I stumble across software as remarkable as Filter Forge. Filter Forge features over 4000 creative photo effects and almost 4500 realistic textures. The number of effects and textures is growing by the day because Filter Forge filters are created not by 10 engineers in a lab, but by thousands of users from around the globe.


3D Bold Text Effect

This tutorial will explain how to create a bold bright-textured slick text effect in Photoshop CS6. A simple pattern will be used to create the bump map, while some other material settings will be changed to create the final appearance. Lighting, Environment, and Image Based Light settings will also be modified to complete the scene and create the final result.

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