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Blending and Type Tips

In this design, Corey had set out to blend a large body of text with a silhouetted shape. After some experimenting, he discovered the perfect blending mode to do this job quickly and easily.

22 comments on “Blending and Type Tips

  1. All your tutorials have helped me so much. I love how intuitive your mind is with working on all these amazing projects. thanks alot.


  2. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, i love ur TUT, and its perfect, keep going and GOD BLESS YOU MAN 🙂

  3. simple with some good tips. I would like to ask where and how you think of these ideas for you tutorials, I know when making my own tutorials i do a lot of research and practise to get it right and sometimes I have to give some credit to others and on quite a few occasions I have taken parts of your tutorials and used them in my own giving you full credit for anything I use that I learnt from you, sooo would just like to know if all what you teach comes straight from your head or do you research and use tips and tricks from other tutorials you have seen from other masters,
    Either way you are one of the best teachers around and thanks for sharing and helping us.
    I would love to have someone like your self on my new forum but I guess you are out of my league?

  4. it’s not work for me, at the part when u will change the color difference on shilouette and background. when I was trying to blend the layer 1, the layer turns into white shadow, how could it be. please help me on it. if you dont mind send it to my mail :

    thank you very much.

    and u really have a very good work.

  5. I tried to get the effect to work in Illustrator and could not. Either I was doing something wrong or “difference” works differently in Illustrator.

  6. Like I said either in previous and post comments… Good work!
    That was a cool tip, again, the one about the text, pressing shift. That is the kind of stuff that doesn’t came in the books! Thank you. Is just like in the late one, the Supernova, and the tip you give there… Great, great work, for those, like me, who like to learn. I am a student, in university, last year of comunication design, but, from the little I see from you, I can’t imagine how must be a day in your life… You manage the blog/site and make those tutorials here, those for Illustrator, and, perhaps that I don’t know, some other ones about some other stuff, you do the show with RC (great show, guys!), well.. I hope you get payed for all this stuff, because it is A LOT… And perhaps you still do freelance work… And day is a lot… but a month… well… If you can… Keep it up! And, following some other people words in here, where do you learn all this stuff! That would be a great answer either! Can you do a video-tutorial on your workflow to create a tutorial? It could give us some answers…

    Well, again… Nice work, and good luck for all the people that goes to Las Vegas… spend some money at the Mandalay casino… I wish I had money and time to go either… Send us a postcard… ehehehhe

    Márcio Guerra

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  8. I just finished a poster using this technique along with a couple of things I have seen on others you have posted and it looks great! Thank you so much for making your tutorials easy to understand and follow. I appreciate the “why” you give when going through steps. I am learning all this a bit late in life and the explanations are so helpful. Thanks again!

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