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3D Reflections on White

Corey shows a cool trick for getting 3D reflections on a white surface.

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  2. Great stuff Corey. It never ceases to amaze what cat be done. I just want to try everything but as soon as I learn one eliment along comes a new method. Love the site and easy to follow tut’s.
    Great job.

  3. Thanks however I seem to be having a issue with Opacity 3D layer. It seems when I create a new texture in Opacity I get a permanent grey background attached
    on my 3D layer the same size as my current working document. This happens no matter what document size I enter tp create a new Opacity Texture


  4. Must be something I’m not understanding.

    I broke my issue down

    If I start with a new document (1024×768) then create say a red rectangle 400×200) on a new layer, then create a new 3D postcard layer from that.

    If I then create a new texture in the Opacity in 3D materials I immediately get a grey background assigned to my 3d layer regardless of dimensions i enter


  5. In case this helps anyone else the reason this was happening is because I had a empty space around my main texture. If I went into the diffuse 3d layer in the 3d materials I notice a transparency border around my texture.

    As soon as I cropped this in the diffuse layer my issue was sorted. It seems in the Opacity layer reacted to this transparent area around my texture as a grey background

  6. Corey,

    I was just wondering if its possible to some how group meshes in the same 3D space

    I say this because if i wanted to take this example further and duplicate your 3d layer again that consists of the screenshot and reflection and put it into the same 3D space by the merge 3D option.

    I seem to be now in a situation where although all layers are in the same 3d space I can only move the four meshes independently (the 2 x screenshots & 2 x reflections).

    Is there anyway I could move say one set of the screenshot and reflection as one group


  7. So many ways to fail in 3D, this can be done in regular Photoshop with less hassle. Extended needs to offer better than this.

  8. I appreciate the tut’s but there is something wrong with your videos. After they begin, they freeze, any attempt to make them play again starts a cycle of adverts. I’m on a corporate T1 line, so bandwidth isnt the problem on my end. Anyone else running into this issue?

  9. Angie,
    I have been having the same problem for the past 3 day’s!!! I follow step by step and once I transform the duplicate reflection image to vertical, save it and then go back to my working document the reflection image instantly disappears! Please help us what are we doing wrong?

    I notice in Corey’s video both 3D layers have a transparency around them and move within the layers as he moves them about the screen, but this does not happen for me. Anyone PLEASE help I would love to figure this out maybe its a setting or something.

  10. Ok well I kind of figuring out mine and Angie’s original problem which seems to be some kinda glitch in my PS5. After making the changes to the duplicaet file or any minor tweak for that matter and going back to the working doc the image will dissapper. This seems to happen every time when working in interactive quality in the 3D pannel.

    But with the image still gone I switched to ray trace draft quality and the image once again appeared! Good news for me right. Wrong. I then noticed when merging the 3D layers I then get a white permanent box surrounding image right in between the two layers where the reflection starts. UGH tried cropping the original image but doesn’t work now what? Should I call Adobe, reinstall my Creative Suite this is really frustrating that things don’t seem to be working right or as Corey’s shows!!!

    Is any one else having these problems? It can’t be my computer running a new 27in Imac, 9.23 GHz Core i7 with 8 gigs of ram how is this possible?

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