Wireless Intuos 4 Announced!

Today Wacom announced the a brand new addition to the Intuos 4 line of pressure sensitive tablets. The Intuos 4-Wireless allows you to work untethered to your computer by a USB cord and has a range of up to 30 feet. Using Bluetooth technology this tablet has the full feature set of a regular Intuos 4 tablet, including the customizable LED Express keys. It’s everything you want from a Wacom tablet, just no wires. Imagine if you are a teacher or lecturer or maybe you like moving the tablet around or have it in your lap while your working. Only problem is that darn wire being in the way. Not any more! It has a re-chargable lithium ion battery which is charged through the USB cord. So you can plug in like normal and continue to work while it charges. This new tablet only comes in medium size only and is priced at $399.

I just got a hold of one of these last week and the first thing I noticed is how clean and slick my desk looked with no wires coming from the tablet. I notice no lag or anything you might encounter with a wireless device. I even tested went across the building to test the range and it did start to lag on the edge of the 30 ft range but really ask yourself if you are ever going to be working that far from your computer. I love this new addition and if you are seriously considering a new Intuos 4 tablet I would take a look at this one. Click here for more info.



  1. Jane 2 February, 2010 at 23:52 Reply

    I LOVE my Intous 4 I got from my husband for Christmas, the only draw back is all of the cords that keep me tethered to my lap top. I wish I had known this was on the horizon,…. oh well. I still love my tablet, for all of you that have not yet committed to buying one, consider the cordless one, I’ll bet it’s that much more convenient.

  2. Jester 7 February, 2010 at 03:17 Reply

    At last the cord will cease to disturb to me. Планшен not the road had turned out. It would be desirable LCD a tablet, but cost high.

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