Where to Learn More

I am noticing that a lot of people are really enjoying the tutorials over here at Planet and some are asking where they can learn more. For more in-depth training, go over and check out the Kelby Training site. We offer fully-involved online courses and DVDs, as well as a large selection of books by the best in the biz. There is also information about the Photoshop seminar tour. I attended these seminars a while back and the training is worth its weight in gold. All these training resources are reasonably priced and you get an even greater discount as a NAPP member.

Another good site for free training is LayersMagazine.com. There are not just Photoshop tutorials, but videos on the other Adobe apps as well. However, in my experience, the training can only get you so far. The very best thing to do is experiment and make your own discoveries. Check these out and happy learning!!!




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