Where did you get that photo?

This is a question I have getting a lot lately here on the Planet site and over at the NAPP site as well. I would call my self a designer first and a photographer second. Like many others out there, I don’t always have the time or budget to conduct a photo shoot whenever I get a cool idea for a design. That is where the wonderful world of stock photography comes into play. Whenever I need a particular type of image I go to Fotolia.com. They have a vast collection of good quality stock photography in various sizes at remarkably reasonable prices. Not only photos, they provide illustrations, vector art, and even stock video clips. The site is very easy to navigate and images always download in a snap. No, I am not getting any kickbacks form for this plug. I just think they are that good. Check there site out here and see for yourself.

Also Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk event is really getting a lot of momentum. So far over almost 700 cities are participating with more than 11,000 people signed up. That’s almost double what they had last year. This is going to be huge. Visit the official site for more info or to sign up for a photo walk in your area. If there isn’t one and you can apply to be a photo walk lead in your area. The event is July 18 so there is time but don’t wait. These groups fill up fast!



  1. David A 10 June, 2009 at 15:50 Reply

    Thanks for the Fotolia tip. I must say that istockphoto has left a bad taste, and it’s not just the spike in their pricing. Imposing an expiration date for my credits is just plain rude.

  2. Javier 15 June, 2009 at 09:36 Reply

    I just use my soon-to-be-expired istockphoto credits (it’s awful that you are forced to buy credits before the year) so i can give fotolia a try.

    I just did a quick math: In istockphoto each credit is 1.50 dlls, in fotolia is 1.00 dlls.

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