Vegas Baby….Again!

That’s right. I have arrived in Las Vegas and I am already running into NAPP members here for the big show. Photoshop World is only a couple days away but people are already gearing up for the big show. I am especially excited for the keynote day, that’s when things are really happening and you feel the electricity in the air. I will post photos of the event as it progresses. Stay tuned…

Here is a little inspiration for you as well. A while back someone posted a comment on the blog here about a Photoshop artist that specializes in movie posters. Being the movie fan that I am I was immediately intrigued. His name is Tomasz Opasinski. and I must say his work is really impressive. Check out his site and you will see that he has worked on some prominent feature films. I especially like his evolution page where the images fade from base art or photo to finished product. Here’s the link.


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