Two Awesome New Contests!!!

When people ask me what they can do to make themselves more visible. I simply tell them to enter and win contests of any kind! It’s a great way to get exposure and fine-tune your craft. No to mention, heaping the great rewards of cool super cool prizes.

With that, there are two great contest under way right now and both have some super cool prizes!!

Shoot on the Sidelines with Scott & Mike
The first contest is a new sports photography contest over at Scott Kelby’s blog called “Shoot on the Sidelines with Scott and Mike”. This is a brilliant new contest devised by Scott and famed sports photographer Mike Olivella. This contest is absolutely incredible! Remember what I mentioned earlier about getting exposure and fine-tuning your craft? Well this contest is does both! Because the prize itself is a gem of an experience! I don’t think anybody can explain the details better than Scott himself. Click here to hear Scott explain all the details of this new contest in this exclusive video.

How Photoshop CS4 Saved the Day
The next contest is a new contest hosted by Layers Magazine and its’s called “How Photoshop CS4 Saved The Day”. What they are looking for is you to share you or your company’s experience with how Photoshop played a vital role in “saving the day”.

From the contest page: Click here to go directly.
“..We want to hear from you how Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 saved the day. [Insert soundtrack of Mighty Mouse theme song.] And we want to give away cool stuff. LOTS of cool stuff. (We want a lot.)

So here’s the deal ….

Tell us about a time you were in a jam â” perhaps a project was tanking faster than the Titanic or it was on you to wow a client back into the fold â” and you used Photoshop CS4 to pull through. We want to know about it. Basically, we’re looking for creative solutions to everyday challenges. You know … all those “I pulled it off again!” victories you get from working in a creative industry.”

I have certainly experience numerous occasions where Photoshop was there the save me. Now your success story can be a vital role in taking your skills to the next level. Sounds awesome!!, Huh? You can get the full details and enter the contest here.


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