Ok, so I normally don’t speak in acronyms but hey it’s Friday and you know what that means…I don’t either. Well a couple things today. First you may or may not have heard of this really funny and clever comic strip What the Duck. It’s a rather humorous take on the graphics and photography industry. You could almost say it’s like Dilbert for artists and photographers but with a slightly more irreverent tone. I mean the name alone is hilarious. I can only say so much just go check it out here and enjoy.

Second thing, Scott Kelby has posted a rather interesting poll on his blog today. It’s about what new features you would like to see in future versions of Photoshop. I casted my votes just a moment ago. It’s rather interesting, you read some of these and you wonder why they aren’t in there already, but as we all know, when things start to make sense that really confuses people. Even if you don’t want to vote go check out the results and see what others are wanting.


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