Sweet New Product!!

It’s product review Wednesday! I just recently got my hands on a very cool new product from Digital Juice. It’s called Digital Juice Fonts. Yes, it’s a simple title but this product is pretty darn sweet! Digital Juice is best known for creating some of the coolest stock art around. They also provide sound effects, animations, music, and other products geared toward designers of any discipline. Whether it’s web, print, or video they have got you covered. This new DJ Fonts product is awesome and easy to use. Simply open the Digital Juice app and search the numerous categories of the more than 1300 DJ fonts available. Then input your text in the Juicer interface. The cool thing is that the effect is real time. Meaning the effect is applied as you type so you can immediately see what you are getting. Then you simply render it out for whichever design application you will be finishing in.

If you are a designer who is always looking for that one cool text effect but don;t really have a mountain of time to create, this the obvious alternative. Check out this product among the others offered by Digital Juice by clicking here.


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