Sweet Holiday Deal over at KelbyTraining.com

It's Christmastime – and what do you get the person who loves Photoshop tips and tricks? More Photoshop tips and tricks!

So from now until December 31st, when you buy Corey Barker's new book, Phototoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers you'll receive 3 free DVDs straight from the KelbyTraining.com workshop.

No codes and no special links necessary. Just purchase Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers and our elves (aka shipping team) will select 3 DVDs to include in the box – no catches! Well, ok, there are a couple catches. We get to choose the DVDs, they will be from our sale-priced DVD selection and Santa's watching so no returns, trade-ins, special requests or whining is allowed. But hey! That's still a whole lot of extra training. Plus, if you already own one of the DVDs you get, you now have an instant re-gift!


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