Seminars Coming Soon | Photo Keys for iPhone

Arguably one of the best ways to learn Photoshop is by going to seminars or live events like Photoshop. Even if you know 90 percent of what is already being taught. There is always that little gem of a technique that you didn’t know before. I still, to this day, always get something from them. Be on the lookout for Kelby Training seminars coming your way. Check out the all new Kelby Training Live site for all future seminar dates, class descriptions, instructor bios, and everything you need to know about these powerful one-day learning opportunities. For instance we have Dave Cross and his Maximum Photoshop tour in Arlington, TX on March 6; Ben Willmore in New York on March 13 with the Photographers tour; and Bert Monroy with his Creativity your on March 19 in San Francisco. There are numerous other dates posted and new ones posted all the time. be sure to check back often as dates and cities can change at any time. Also coming in May, Scott Kelby is bringing back the popular Down & Dirty Photoshop tour. Check the site soon for cities and dates.

Lastly, here is a quick little thing I saw on John Nack’s blog. It’s a new app for the iPhone called PhotoKeys and it is basically a tool app for Photoshop. Meaning you can use it as a companion to select tools and execute certain functions right form your iPhone. It seems really intriguing though I have yet to be able to try it myself. It seemed to be worth mentioning. You know…Photoshop and all.


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