Photoshop World Early Bird

The time is near. That’s right, Photoshop World Las Vegas is ever so close. We’re just over a month and a half away from the Photoshop love fest of the year. Join Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, RC and myself, among many others, to talk about nothing but Photoshop. Of course, I’m sure we will manage to talk about other apps as well. I have a new class called Earth, Wind, & Fire. It’s all about using Photoshop to create natural effects like water, ice, clouds, fire, etc. And there will even be a couple surprises. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Also, if you haven’t registered yet, you only have a couple of weeks to take advantage of the early bird registration, which ends on August 3. You can save a hundred bucks that you can then throw down on the craps tables.


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