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As you know, Photoshop World is creeping up on us and I am especially excited this year as I will be featuring all new courses. I have my Photoshop for Designers class and the Illustrator Down & Dirty Tricks class. I also have a new session called Planet Photoshop Live where we will examine the most popular tutorials right here on Planet Photoshop live right in the class. I am also going to be teaching a special session in the Expo called Exploring 3D with Photoshop CS4 Extended. If you have only ever been curious about the new 3D features in CS3 or CS4, this session will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Find out more about these classes and others here.

Also to keep you better informed on everything leading up to and during Photoshop World there is now the Photoshop World Blog. This site will keep you in the know with any special events, any questions, and even some fun trivia here and there. It’s a really great way of learning about what is really going on with Photoshop World both past and present. For instance there was just recently a post that showed all the theme posters for the last 10 years. Pretty cool!Check it out here.



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