Photoshop Insider Panel | Ready for Boston!!

Scott Kelby has posted something rather interesting on his blog today. So most of us are familiar with the cool new Flash enabled panels in Photoshop CS4 which allows you to use apps like Configurator to create your own custom panels for Photoshop. Well Scott has developed a cool custom panel that channels his Photoshop Insider blog right into a Photoshop panel. This means you can get up to date with his blog without leaving Photoshop. Which is great because you can read the blog and it still looks like your working. Seriously, it’s a clever and convenient feature and is a totally free download. Simply go here and enjoy!!

It’s almost time! Photoshop World Boston is right around the corner and I am super excited. We have a got a lot of cool training courses we are rolling out and a few surprises. Big surprises. If you are there I hope to see you in my sessions or at the very least stop me and say hi!!!


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