Photoshop CS4 Update | Cool Online Art Tools

A new update for Photoshop CS4 is available now over at the Adobe site. According to John Nack’s blog this update corrects some performance issues, some 3D features have been fixed, and some text issues have been addressed. The update is available now for both Mac and Windows.

There is a cool new online product from a company called Aviary. Actually they have produced a few online applications that anyone can jump right in and create some pretty cool art. First they have a new online vector application called Raven which you can use to create and edit graphic art and logos. Then there is the online image editor called Phoenix which let’s you use Photoshop like features to edit and correct your images right online. You can even collaborate with others online. Finally they have and app called Peacock and Toucan. Peacock allows you to create abstract images and effects, while Toucan is similar to Kuler in that you can create color sets and harmonies. They are are pretty cool and worth a quick peek. You can try all of these free right now on the Aviary site. Check it out!!



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