Perfection V350 Scanner

Epson’s Perfection V350 is a flatbed scanner for budget-minded consumers who want to digitize, restore, and store photos, documents, transparencies, and negatives. Impressive stats include a maximum optical scanning resolution of 4800×9600 dpi, up to 48-bit color, and a 3.2 dynamic range. The scanner weighs only 8.2 lbs, is 2.9″ thick with a scanning area of 8.5×11.7″. It comes with a USB 2.0 cable, bundled software, and a plastic film holder that handles only two 35mm mounted slides or three frames of 35mm film.


The V350’s cover includes an innovative 35mm filmstrip chute that automatically feeds and scans strips of six frames of 35mm negatives or transparencies. Each frame appears as a thumbnail. It’s a more efficient method for scanning film in comparison to their plastic film holder. The cover can be raised up to 25mm for scanning dimensional objects quite useful.

A four-button panel on the cover automates tasks, such as creating a PDF file or email attachment. The driver offers three scanning modes from fully automatic with presets to an advanced professional mode.

The interface includes color restoration, backlight correction, and a new “intelligent” dust-removal technology that selectively emphasizes dust removal from uniform areas, such as sky. I used the Professional Mode and scanned in 2 minutes a 35mm negative at 48-bit 3200 dpi (68 MB). Scanning times are a function of the resolution and bit-depth selected.

Generally, both transparent and reflective scans were of very good quality, accurate color, neutral tones, and decent highlight and shadow detail, with minimal artifacts. I gave it one design demerit for an annoying omission of an on/off switch, which necessitates using the power cord for this function

Money Sign149.99 PlatformMac/Windows

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  1. Gallimaufry Gecko 27 April, 2011 at 09:36 Reply

    WOW! That’s a high price! But it’s worth it, because that there scanner is about as precise as my 8====3. It’s well worth the price.

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