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Out Of Memory? Try This First

Here’s a tip for avoiding those nasty out-of-memory warning dialogs. One of the reasons Photoshop needs so much memory is that by default it keeps a snapshot of the last 20 things you did to your document, thus allowing you to undo your previous 20 steps. (You can see the running list of your last 20 steps in the History palette.) As you might expect, storing 20 steps takes a mighty chunk of memory, and if you’re running a little low (or getting those evil out-of-memory warnings), one thing you might try is lowering the amount of steps Photoshop stores. In Mac OS X, go under the Photoshop menu, under Preferences, under General, and you’ll find a field for History States. (In Windows you’ll find Preferences under the Edit menu.) You can lower this number (try 8 States for starters), and you may avoid the dreaded memory warnings. Just remember, by lowering the States, you don’t have 20 undos anymore.


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  1. divya gosain 20 April, 2008 at 02:56 Reply

    thank you so much…this tip helps….but i need to know how can i change the place in which photoshop stores its all its memories…i have already installed it in my d drive which has 188gb free memory space but it still uses my c drive which has only 8gb free space….i have not used more than 20 commands and still it shows low memory space…plz help me on this soon…

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