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Opening Multiple Images in Photoshop CS3

To open multiple images in Photoshop CS3, you can Shift-click a series of images in the Open dialog, and then click Open. You can also select noncontiguous images by Command-clicking.


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  1. Glen Kleine 3 August, 2012 at 10:45 Reply

    I have been using Photoshop on a Mac for quite sometime. After I make my selections I have hit a red button in the upper left corner to close the images I do not want to use.

    Something has happened to reset my photoshop format and now, although I can open multiple images, I can only view one image at a time (and that image has a grey background). Furthermore, there is no red button to close the image, (I am now using control W to close the image). It is really inconvenient not to be able to view and make a selection from multiple images.

    I’m sure I accidentally hit some button which changed the way in which the image is displayed and I have tried to find a button which will take me back to the default display but have not been able to do so. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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