Oh SNAPP, It’s Photoshop Guys Live!

Hey everyone, exciting news! Be sure to come join the Photoshop Guys for a 2-hour primetime special live webcast next Wednesday, May 18, 2011 from 8:00pm-10:00pm. If you remember last year we had the NAPP-A-THON and it was a huge hit. This time around we will presenting live tutorials and the usual comedic flare with some giveaways and other cool stuff! Now the whole point of this is to raise awareness of NAPP and attract new members to our ever expanding universe of Photoshop and photography training. So if you are already a member, then invite your non-member friends and show them just a small sampling of what they have been missing and how learning Photoshop can be fun. So click here and register now. Hope you join us and yes I will be throwing in some 3D stuff!


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