New Video Tutorials

Hey gang, we have a few video tutorial updates I just want to make sure you are aware of. First we have an all-new tutorial right here on Planet. I show you how to make a 2D logo and make it 3D with some cool reflective effects. Click here to see. Also you NAPP members will want to check out the newest video tutorials over at the NAPP member home page. This week we have a cool tip form Matt Kloskowski on doing lens correction for wide angled photos and I have a really clever technique for using custom brushes in a very interesting way in Photoshop. If you not a NAPP member, click here for more info.

Speaking of cool videos, have you checked out KelbyTV.com? This site is the place for the best podcasts on anything that has to do with Adobe products and photography. It is the home of the highly-rated Photoshop User TV, and other popular shows such as Layers TV, NAPP News, Ask Dave, D-Town, Larry Becker’s Cheap Shots, and Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips. Best part, they are all free. This a site you definitely want to bookmark.



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