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RC Concepcion, my friend and fellow co-host of Layers TV has just released a new online course over at the Kelby Training site. It is called Online Photo Portfolios with Lightroom 2 and Dreamweaver CS4 and it covers creating custom photo galleries in Lightroom 2 and then adding them your website using Dreamweaver CS4. Being a photographer today means being out there and being visible. The best way to so that of course is to have a web page, but just putting up a simple page isn’t enough anymore. The site has to be just as appealing as the images themselves and most of all user friendly. This course will take you there so check it out here.

Also if you are in to motion graphics then you want to check out VideoCopilot.net. This is a free tutorial site hosted by motion graphics genius Andrew Kramer. Andrew has a number of remarkable tutorials all for free and also has a number of products for motion artists and video pros. Things like sound effects, motion effects, music scores, and so much more. I like this site mainly because of the tutorials they are always something really cool to learn. You may have even seen Andrew’s work on television as he did the title effects for the Fox show Fringe. Check out his site here and enjoy!



  1. Bob Murray 16 April, 2009 at 14:56 Reply

    VideoCopilot.net is a serious site. Lots of valuable content and great tutorials. It’s like a PlanetPhotoshop for motion graphics.

  2. Clarence 23 April, 2009 at 20:50 Reply

    PlanetPhotoshop and videocopilot are the two sites I check on a regular basis for the past year or two. If your into more free tutorials check out creativecow.com

    Anyone have any more valuable links?

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