Quick Tips

Make Your Text Jump Into Action

Earlier, I gave you the quick tip for rasterizing your type by Control-clicking (PC: Right-clicking) on your Type layer in the Layers palette, then choosing Rasterize Type from the contextual menu that appears. Believe it or not, there's an even faster way, if you don't mind spending a minute or two up front setting it up, by creating an action that rasterizes the type for you with just one key. Here's how: Use the Type tool (T) to create a Type layer, then make the Actions palette visible (from the Window menu). Choose New Action from the Actions palette's flyout menu. Name your new action "Rasterize Type Layers," assign it an action set from the Set pop-up menu, then from the Function Key pop-up menu, assign an F-key to this action. Click the Record button, then go under the Layer menu, under Rasterize, and choose Type. Now go back to the Actions palette and click on the Stop icon at the bottom of the palette (it's the first icon from the left). That's itâ”your action is written. Test it by creating a Type layer, then pressing the F-key you assigned to your action. It should instantly rasterize (you'll know if it worked, because the "T" icon on the Type layer will no longer be visible).