Corey jazzed up this photo by making a custom brush and applying an outer glow layer style to create the repeating patterns behind the subject.



  1. mitzs 25 August, 2008 at 16:20 Reply

    Corey, you rocked the house with that one! I am blogging about that one tonight. It is easily one of my fav of your tutorials.

  2. Kim 25 August, 2008 at 18:48 Reply

    Corey! You rocked it again. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do some cool lighting effects and you make it look so easy. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

  3. Márcio Guerra 25 August, 2008 at 18:58 Reply

    Awesome as always… I hope the Photowalk was cool!
    Just one thing… I also have doubts… Ehehehe.. There was a time, when you were doing the top light effects, that apparently some smart guides appeared. Was it my imagination, or did they really showed? I don’t know if that is an option for Photoshop CS3 or just a “issue” from the recorded video, so, please, can you sort that out for us, and, if so, how to turn them on and off?
    Cool tutorial, once more… Thank you!

    Márcio Guerra

  4. jean philippe 26 August, 2008 at 12:41 Reply

    I discovered your website 3 months ago on the french edition of advanced photoshop.
    All your tutorials are very very nice, I am a beginner on photoshop and your tuts are a really good source of inspiration and are so much better than the Adobe helper
    Thanks a lot

  5. Emil 29 August, 2008 at 09:52 Reply

    when i try to stroke my path, the fill- and stroke options are greyed out.. why is that..?
    I just need to know this, because this was an amazing tutorial 😀

  6. Chelle 30 August, 2008 at 14:04 Reply

    Wow. Im currently in school for Graphic Design. A friend referred me to your tutorials. Thankyou sooo much! youre amazing!

  7. Chadro 31 August, 2008 at 10:31 Reply

    Corey…Corey…Corey, you never cease to amaze us! If there was a photoshop president election you’d have my vote no problem 🙂 . That pen tool is my worst enemy and you make it look so simple and no doubt this tut. just made it alot easier (cant afford your big pen tool tut. at kelby training). In referance to Márcio Guerra’s post about the guides. They are called Smart guides and you can turn them on in the View/Show/Smart Guides menu. I never knew about them either until this tut., just one of the many small things everyone learns from every tut. YOUR AMAZING! THANKS ALOT!
    p.s. cant wait to see your part in the next Layers Magazine

  8. Joy Barza 5 September, 2008 at 09:22 Reply

    HI corey! your tutorials are very helpful.. thank you! please help me with my dilemma.. ;(

    I’m currently working on cs3 but Im having a hard time trying to create a 3d effect of my image and I wanted it to appear as somewhat like a video or maybe in GIF format.. What I’m trying to achieve is an image of the INFINITY Symbol in blazing fire, just like the ZORRO effect and i wanted to create and export it to my slideshow, just like those paramount pictures. Please if you could give me a tip would be just great! thanks!

  9. Dew 9 September, 2008 at 13:29 Reply

    i had that problem too, that the supposed path got filled in with black or whatever color was on. Then i figured out i hadnt selected paths in the pen tool. This tutorial is amazing, it’s making me consider to work more on photoshop and find out what other stuff I can do with this program =o.

  10. M.K.Andersson 10 September, 2008 at 19:21 Reply

    Very nice tutorials on this site and you make it very easy to learn.
    I have a great deal of experience in Photoshop but you open up my eyes for new things i havnt eaven thought of. And that means alot!

    Truly my favorit Photoshop tutorial site!


  11. Tanisha 18 September, 2008 at 11:41 Reply

    I am also have a hard time making my brush have a fine tip such as yours. It is thick and leaves extremely thick marks and does not do the cool fade out trick that yours does. I thought I was following the instructions, which are very clear and precise but this is not working for me. Thanks for your help!

  12. Bryan 1 October, 2008 at 18:15 Reply

    Hey, That was a great Cory. Just one thing. I think it would be a little nicer if you could post the pictures you use on the website so we can use them too. Thanks

  13. Pinguym 10 February, 2009 at 15:37 Reply

    Could someone help me
    I have a little problem with the effect layer because when i transform that i cant copy that while i move it. the layer just change the position
    Thanks for the help
    The tutorial is amazing!!

  14. Zack 15 March, 2009 at 18:33 Reply

    Im using PS7 and can not select all the copy layers when I hold the shift key, how do I merge all the layers?

  15. fritz 18 February, 2010 at 14:41 Reply

    Hello Corey!
    First i got to say, that ur Tutorial is very nice!!
    But i got i a little Problem..
    my Brush is thick and leaves extremely thick marks and does not do the fade out trick that yours does.
    what can i do to get the cool brush as u got?
    pls help me 😛

  16. Simon Glazier 8 October, 2010 at 06:28 Reply

    Thank you Corey for your tutorials, I’ve been using a few and I’ve learnt a lot from you. I will give this tutorial ago later on for a poster that I have designed.

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