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Yesterday John Nack was the guest blogger over at Scott Kelby’s blog. For those of you that don’t know, John is the Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop and he is definitely the one who is in the know when it comes to everything Photoshop. I was in California a few weeks ago with RC and we had the chance to sit and chat with John for a couple hours just talking shop. Super cool guy! Any check out his post here. Really interesting stuff. He even addresses the results of the poll that Scott took on features you would like to see in Photoshop.

A few people have been asking me if had any Illustrator tutorials online. The answer is yes I do. You can find them over at LayersMagazine.com. As this site is just Photoshop, the Layers site contains other tutorials using other apps in the creative suite. You can view my Illustrator tutorials here.


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