It’s Almost Like Being There…

A new class was just posted on the Kelby Online Training site and it’s called Photoshop World Live. The tireless video department assiduously ran over all the footage of classes and interviews from the most recent Photoshop World in Orlando. The segments were put together and now have been posted as a new training course on the site. This offers a great opportunity for those who have yet to experience a Photoshop World to get a taste of what it’s like. Each lesson features a live, full-length tutorial or an exclusive interview. Very cool stuff. This course is available exclusively on the the Kelby Training site and is also available to NAPP members at no additional cost. Simply input your NAPP username and password and you will have full access to the course. How cool is that?! Now, if you’re not a NAPP member (Why, I don’t know) and are perhaps interested in the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, we have a snazzy info page right here on Planet Photoshop. Check that out here and join today.


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