In Minneapolis Today!

So today I am in Minneapolis, MN for the Down & Dirty seminar tour and I couldn’t be more excited. Once again I am in a new city for the first time even though I got here later in the evening and didn’t get a chance to see much. Not even the famous Mall of America. Oh well, perhaps next time. Anyway I am really excited to be bringing the tour here. If you are coming out to join us today be prepared for one kick-butt day of Photoshop training. It’s going to be fun! If you are not here in Minneapolis and curious if and when the tour is coming to your city, click here to see where the remaining tour dates will be. We have quite a few more between now and December. Register fast. These shows fill up quick!


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  1. Keith R. 22 October, 2009 at 14:36 Reply

    Hey Corey- You Rock! By far the best day I’ve had in a long time. Thanks for all the great tips, tricks, and info you gave us yesterday in Minneapolis- I had a ton of fun. I must admit you played to a quiet crowd but I think we were all blown away by your talent ( I know I was ). I appreciate your dedication to the industry, the mastery of your craft, and the thoughtful presentation and execution of yesterday’s material. I look forward to another of your seminars, Respectfully, Keith R. (PS- did I use the right sized hyphen?)

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