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If It’s Web Safe, Don’t Use It

The one palette that we absolutely don’t use at all anymore is the Web-safe Color palette (choose Web Color Sliders from the Color palette’s flyout menu). Why? You don’t need it—and it can make your file sizes significantly larger than necessary. The Web-safe colors were created back when most computer users had computers that could only display a maximum of 256 colors. Out of those 256, the “Web-safe” colors were the 216 colors that were the same on both Macintosh and Windows browsers. Even back then you could still use a non-Web-safe color, but it might dither to the next closest Web-safe color so the color might be off a bit. However, if you’ve ever looked at a row of monitors at the computer store, you’ll notice the color is slightly different on every one, but that’s another story. Luckily these days, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone using such a lame computer that it only displays 256 colors. They haven’t sold a computer like that for literally years.


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