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How To Get More Than Three Panes

That headline is a setup I can hardly resist, but I’m going to totally ignore it and jump right to the tip, although it panes me. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) By default, Bridge (and the File Browsers that came before it) has three panes visible on the left side of the window (with the Folders and Favorites panels on top, Preview in the middle, and the Metadata and Keywords panels below that). But in CS2 it doesn’t have to be just three—you can add more panes (ideal if you’re working on a really large monitor). Here’s how: Just click-and-drag the tab of the pane you want to have in its own section until it appears right beneath one of the existing panes. When you see a thick, blue horizontal line appear between the two panes, that’s your cue—release the mouse button, and your pane has a new home.


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