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How About A JPEG With The Raw File? Oh, A TIFF Too?

If you decide that you want to create JPEGs from all your RAW images, the entire process is automated in CS2, but you don’t do it from Camera Raw—you do it within Photoshop. You start by going under Photoshop’s File menu, under Scripts, and choosing Image Processor. When the dialog appears, choose your folder of RAW photos, then choose the folder where you want the new JPEGs saved. In the third section, you choose the file type and the size you want your images to be. Do you want just JPEGs, or also TIFFs and PSDs as well? It’s up to you. If you like, you can apply an action to your images and a copyright while you’re at it. Once you’ve entered your preferences and click Run, Image Processor automatically creates separate folders (inside the folder you indicated in section two) for each type of file (JPEG, TIFF, or PSD).


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