It’s that time of year. The one time where most stop and be thankful for what they have and to perhaps give back. Last year I participated in the Help-Portrait project, founded by famed photographer Jeremy Cowart, along with many of my friends here at Kelby Media Group. Since I am not a photographer I lent a hand as a retoucher. Adjusting and retouching the photos for final output. We really had a great time putting joy into the lives of so many. Most have never even had professional photos taken of them and they were just having great time. The Help-Portrait projects continues to inspire many to give back and this year you can too. This year’s Help-Portrait day is December 10, 2011 and you can go to the Help-Portrait site here and see if there is an event in your area or perhaps even start your own if there is not. Hope you will check it out!


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