Quick Tips

Have Photoshop Help Find Your Highlights/Shadows

Not sure where the highlight or shadow points in your image are located? Let Photoshop help. Go under the Window menu and choose Info. In the RGB readout, click on the tiny Eyedropper icon to the left of the readout. A pop-up menu will appear with a list of values you can measure. Choose Total Ink from this pop-up menu. Next, press I to switch to the Eyedropper tool and move it over your image in the areas you think might be the darkest. Now, in the Info palette, look for the highest number. When you find the area in your image with the highest number (the highest amount of total ink), you've found the shadow point. Do the same to find the highlightâ”just look for the lowest number. When you locate that number, you've found the highlight.


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