Quick Tips

Getting Better Shadow/Highlight Results

The Shadow/Highlight feature in Photoshop is pretty amazing, but as amazing as it is, sometimes opening up the shadows can give your photo a "milky" look to it, making it obvious that you made adjustments using Shadow/Highlight. Well, here's a tip for getting around that. First open Shadow/Highlight by going under the Image menu, under Adjustments, then choosing Shadow/Highlight. When the dialog opens, click on the Show More Options checkbox. Then, in the Shadows area up top, lower the Amount from the default setting of 50% to something more like 20%. Then increase the Tonal Width a bit and the Radius setting quite a bit, until the shadows are opened, but it doesn't look "milky" or over-processed. Once you've done this, you can slowly increase the Amount slider, but stop if it starts to look milky.