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Gestures Bring You Closer to Your Work

Photoshop CS4 can detect when you use more than one finger on the trackpad of the newest Apple MacBook laptops. Pinching your fingers together will cause you to zoom out on the active image. Starting with your fingers together and then spreading them apart will zoom in on the image. Dragging with two fingers held close together will scroll around your document as if you had the Hand tool active. Placing two outstretched fingers on the trackpad and twisting them (as if you're spinning a top) will cause Photoshop to rotate your view of the document. You can also drag left or right with three fingers to move forward or back in a slide show in Bridge.


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  1. David A 8 May, 2009 at 21:52 Reply

    While you’ve got to love the technology, I have to wonder how many designers are using a laptop for any substantive work. For showing a client some designs, these features might come in handy.

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