Friday News Bits…

Happy Friday everyone! Got a couple few little news bits for you today. First, of course, today is the day NAPP Executive Director Larry Becker reveals the NAPP Member image of the week. This week we recognize Markus von Luecken for his remarkable image an airplane shadow over an empty parking lot (Pictured here). This is a really cool shot and I cannot help to wonder how he actually got this shot. I guess that is part of it’s appeal. Anyway, good job Markus! Not to mention the other photographer who received Editor’s choice recognition for their amazing work. Congrats to Bruce Becker, ThatsANicePicture, West Gates, Sarah Smith, Mike Calascibetta, and Annette Pendlebury. Click here to see these image now.

Speaking of Larry, he has just launched a brand new blog called Larry’s Becker’s Cheap Shots. If you are just starting out with photography or perhaps just need tips for being on a modest budget, this podcast is for you. Based on his popular segment from D-Town, Larry will bring you inexpensive solutions for getting the best images possible without breaking the bank. He will have blog entries and videos on shooting techniques, lighting, photo gear, and so much more. The site is live now so click here to check it out.

Also don’t forget, Larry and I will be hosting the next NAPP Live Webcast one week from today. I will be bringing a bunch of cool tips and tricks and will also be answering questions along the way. It promises to be a lot of fun so we hop you will join us. I will have a link posted here as soon as it is live. See you then!



  1. Ricardo Galvão 8 October, 2010 at 16:34 Reply

    Great Photo…smart…clever…
    but…He is on that plane…simple…
    He took that shot and later corrected the perspective…
    but undoubtedly a great shot..
    Congratulations Markus

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