HDR Book Available Now!
RC Concepcion’s newest book The HDR Book: Unlocking the Pros’ Hottest Post-Processing Techniques is available now. This is the source for achieving HDR as it was meant to be. RC provides clear step-by-step process using numerous techniques and software applications. He also has provided all the high res raw files available to download so that you can follow along through every step. As usual, if you order through KelbyTraining.com you can get a signed copy. Also available on Amazon and Barnes And Noble.

Kelby Training App!
Speaking of Kelby Training, have you checked out the new app that allows you to access all the spectacular online training on your iPad or iPhone? This is awesome because you can access your online training from anywhere. Whether you are traveling or just lounging around the house, there is no need to sit at your desk or carry a laptop around. The app is free but you do need to be a Kelby Training subscriber to access the videos. Click here to learn more and download the app now!

Go for a Ride at B&H
David Brommer over at B&H Photo in New York city put together a clever little video giving you a “product-eye” view of the conveyor system in the store. If you have never been to B&H they have these conveyor belts and electronic dumbwaiters that move product all around the store to the check out stations. It’s like being in some fantasy workshop. It really is quite a sight to see but you have never seen it like this. Watch as a camera is placed on the conveyor system and see what happens to your products when you are ready to check out!



  1. Tom Peterson 15 June, 2011 at 07:23 Reply

    One thing folks who have not been to B&H wouldn’t know is that everything takes that ride. If you were to (could) buy a stick of gum you wouldn’t be allowed to hand carry it up to the checkout. It would go for the ride. What brillant marketing. If you’re wondering around with nothing in your hands it doesn’t seem like you’re actually spending money. That is until you do get to the checkout and find out you had a lot more “fun” than you realized. What a great store.

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