Freeway Special Offer| PS User Digital Back Issues

The makers of the popular web design software called Freeway are having a special Black Friday offer. From now until Dedember 7th. If you purchase full priced version of Freeway Pro or Freeway Express directly from their website you will receive a free iTunes gift card. Those who purchase pro versions will receive a $50 iTunes gift card and purchasers of the Express version will receive a $20 iTunes gift card. Here’s the link.

Also for you NAPP members. You can now purchase digital back issues of Photoshop User magazine over at the NAPP members site for $9.95 each. The cool part about it being a digital version is that it is instant. You can purchase and download them immediately. Again, this offer is only for NAPP member so if you are still not a NAPP member yet. Click here.


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