First Look at CS5

Well the clock is ticking! No not for you to run out and get an iPad. I am talking about this Monday, April 12th Adobe will be announcing the Creative Suite 5. Otherwise known as CS5. This is very exciting because there are some remarkable new technologies coming. Some have been revealed at certain events and some have leaked out online but this Monday you can squash all the rumors because we will know for sure what will be in the next version. Now in honor of this event and the fact that Photoshop turned 20 this year, Adobe will be hosting a launch event online. So if you want to view the event you will need to register. Click here for more info. Even if you don’t register go to the link anyway and check out the cool countdown clock they have running on the page. It’s really cool!



  1. Jay 6 April, 2010 at 10:57 Reply

    Hi Corey,
    I’m really excited about the Content Aware Fill feature, it works like magic, It will be great to see some of your tutorials using the new features when it comes out.

    I’m just wondering are you doing a screencast today becuase you said on your post last week that you would do one but maybe you don’t have time, it just I look forward to your great tutorials.

    Thank Corey.

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