Quick Tips

Find Things Fast By Color-Coding Them

If there are particular areas of Photoshop you use a lot, you can make finding them in the menus even faster by color-coding your favorite menu items. Here’s how: Go under the Edit menu and choose Menus. When the dialog appears, scroll down to the menu you want and double-click on it. Now scroll down until you find the command you want to color-code, and then click on the word “None” to the far right of that item (under the Color column) and a menu of colors will appear. Choose the color you want for that item, and from now on it will appear highlighted in that color. This is ideal if you’re training new Photoshop users. For example, you could color-code certain items for when they’re doing prepress (maybe make those items appear in red) and choose another color for when they’re designing Web graphics.


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