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Find The Hidden Magnetic Pen Tool Options

I know what you're thinkingâ”finding the Magnetic Pen tool options? I didn't even know there was a Magnetic Pen tool in the first place. Adobe has done a great job of hiding it. For some reason they must hate this tool. Anyway, to get to the Magnetic Pen tool (the magnetic part means it snaps to well-defined edges to help you draw accurate paths around objects), you have to start by choosing the Freeform Pen tool from the Toolbox (it's nested with the Pen tool). Only then will the subterranean Magnetic checkbox surface in the Options Bar. However, to access the all-important Magnetic options so you have a chance in hell of actually controlling this tool, you have to dig deeper into the underground world of CS2 to make these options bubble to the top. Click on the down-facing black triangle to the right of the Custom Shape tool icon in the Options Bar to reveal a pop-down menu few will ever seeâ”the Freeform Pen Options. In this rarely viewed menu, you'll find a checkbox for Magnetic, and clicking on it will bring the grayed-out Magnetic options to life, and open a treasure chest of newfound riches (also known as more boring options).



  1. Philip Williamson 5 September, 2008 at 16:33 Reply

    Thanks for the tip!
    That options box was exactly what I was looking for! Unfotunately, changing the settings doesn’t seem to help very much. Is there a set of values that gives good results? Say tracing a black and white image about 250px square?

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