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Faster Application Switching

Do you often copy-and-paste images from Photoshop into other applications (such as FileMaker Pro, Word, etc.)? I’m not talking about importing a TIFF or EPS, I’m talking about copying the object, switching to another application, and pasting your copied image from the Clipboard. You don’t? Great, then we have a tip for you that will speed up your application-switching pretty dramatically. Go under the Photoshop menu, under Preferences, under General, and turn off the checkbox for Export Clipboard (in Windows, Preferences can be found under the Edit menu). Here’s what’s happening when it’s turned on: Whatever you last copied in Photoshop gets transferred to your system’s Clipboard memory when you switch to another application, just in case you want to paste it. If you have a large image in clipboard, it’ll take some time to export the image to the other application (or it’ll be so large it won’t export at all—you’ll get a warning dialog instead). So, turn off that preference, and wait no more.


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