Extended Plug Ins from Strata

Strata, makers of the powerful 3D app Strata 3D CX, have three new plug-ins for Photoshop CS3 Extended that will be coming out soon. They are Strata Design 3D[in], Strata Foto 3D[in], and Strata Live3D[in]. Strata Design 3D[in] will allow you to create and edit 3D models from scratch utilizing the same 3D rendering technology as found in the full version of Strata 3D CX. Strata Foto 3D[in] lets you generate a 3D model from multiple photographs of any given subject. In Strata Live 3D[in] you can create full, interactive 3D content for websites and PDF documents. These plug-ins are going to be a great way to take full-advantage of the 3D capabilities inside Photoshop CS3. You can find out more about Strata and these plug-ins here.


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