Quick Tips

Don’t Load That Bogus Slice!

If you’re slicing images for the Web in Photoshop (using the Slice tool), here’s a tip to save even more space. If you have a slice in your image that’s going to be the same color as your background (for example, you’ve got a solid white slice going on a solid white background), you can save file size by having that slice load no image at all. Sound like a plan? (I thought you’d like that.) Here’s how to do it: Once your slice is in place, make it active (using the Slice Select tool), and then double-click within the selection to get the Slice Options dialog. In the Slice Type pop-up menu, choose No Image and click OK. That way, when Photoshop generates its HTML for the page, there will be no image in that spot, just the white background showing through, giving you a faster loading Web page. Pretty sweet!


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