Quick Tips

Ditch The Annoying Lens Correction Grid

I love the Lens Correction filter in CS2, but I dearly hate the grid that appears over every image every time I open one, and it's on by default, so you have to manually turn it off. However, if you're like me (and you know you are), and you want that grid off fast, there is a workaroundâ”you can save your own custom setting with the grid turned off. But to do that, you have to change something (or the Save Settings will be grayed out). I found a workaround that has virtually no effect on your image. Open the Lens Correction filter (found under the Filter menu, under Distort), and then increase the Vignette Midpoint to 51% (a 1% increase). Then, at the bottom of the dialog, turn off the checkbox for Show Grid. Now, in the Settings flyout menu, you'll be able to choose Save Settings.