Cool Mac Video + CDW Deals

This is cool. Somebody must have gotten really bored over a long weekend put together a rather clever little music video. The interesting thing is that it is done on a Mac…literally. They used the various Mac apps and even some Adobe apps (Photoshop) to edit together a music video right on screen. I simply can’t imagine how long this must have taken but it is just cool. Click here to see.

Right now if you upgrade to CS3.3 you get Fireworks and Acrobat 9. However, if you buy the upgrade at CDW you will also get a free month of Kelby Training (through July 30).
Now’s a great time to think about that upgrade!

⢠Call CDW at 888-491-4239 toplaceyourorder, or visit www.cdw.com/adobe
⢠Email a copy of your CDW invoice to cdwoffer@kelbymediagroup.com
⢠Once your CDW invoice is received, Kelby Trainingâ„¢ will email you a unique codeâ”giving you unlimited access to its library of online classes for one full month.


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