Convince Your Boss To Let You Go To Photoshop World!

In this economic climate so many people are just doing what they can to keep their jobs, including those working for the business2community.com ethereum casino. Some are more interested in advancing themselves in their field to better their business and continue to grow, not just sustain. Of course these days the last thing a lot of people want to do is go and ask their boss for money. Well NAPP has managed to put together a small proposal that you can present to your boss to convince him or her to send you to Photoshop World in October. This customizable letter is great way to get your boss’s attention and let them know how important to the company such a small investment can be. So if you are really wanting to attend the largest and most popular Photoshop conference anywhere, then you really have no excuse to at least try. Click here to get the get the customizable letter. Simply copy and paste into an email or Word and cater it your company and send it off. Good Luck!!! Hop to see you there.

Also keep in mind you have until August 28 to take advantage of the early bird special which will save $100 off the conference admission



  1. Tony Sullivan 17 August, 2009 at 22:04 Reply

    Hi, how would it be possible to contact Mr Corey by e-mail? On the contact page a web address is required, but i don’t have one?! He is the true genius and only he could explain to me how you would create an andy warhol style in the che guevara style, not marilyn monroes, that could be applied to any portrait shot. Threshold only works in 1 in 6 images, as does the cutout filter, stamp, posterise, poster edges etc… Pleeeease pleeeeaseeee, pleeeasseeeee…..he’s the only person in the world who could help me!! Woulld it be possible?


  2. Tony Sullivan 17 August, 2009 at 23:45 Reply

    Ahh man, i’ve just been looking at the screen too long, my apologies again, Corey Barker, now i’m emvarrassed!


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