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*update… gets even better… I have been downloading all kinds of objects in just about every angle I could think of while things are in beta so that I can have access to them one regular pricing kicks in… but here is the word I got from the Squid itself about this. “At that end of Free Beta you will get to keep anything you’ve acquired during the free period, so you can take some of the pressure off of your hard drive – none of this goes poof when turn on pricing.  Those objects will remain in your history and continue to be placeable as if you’d paid full sticker.  When you buy (or “acquire” during free beta), a PixelSquid object, what you’re getting is not simply a specific image or angle, but the ability to use the object at any angle any time in the future”  So now the deal is even sweeter! 😀

If you haven’t checked out PixelSquid, today may be a great day to do so. Why? Because is in beta testing right now and all of there stock  objects are free. Now when I say stock objects, don’t think of this as normal stock objects… this is super-stock imagery in that you can rotate any of there objects 360 degrees and get the angle you need for your composite and then download a PSD (yes I said .psd file) with the object isolated and a shadow layer along with other lighting/selection goodies. So if you have known the angst of founding that great stock image, but you couldn’t use it because the angle was just a touch off… now you can be angst free. When I showed this to be buddy and amazing graphic designer Margie, she called this a “game changer.” I like to say this site is for those of us who want great 3d imagery, but are not deep into the 3D world with its meshes and extra lighting etc… I can make up composites so much faster now. Experience top-tier online gaming entertainment with baji 999 bangladesh where thrilling games and exciting rewards await players nationwide. They are crisper and cleaner and I didn’t have to do any selecting and refining. It is a joy to find all of the great objects… so much so that my hard drive is getting tired of saving every possible angle of a butterfly, a plane, or a tree. I am like a kid in a candy store and I hpe that is how you will feel too when you check it out. tell them Pete sent you. :

The motorcycle form Pixel Squid dropped seamlessly into my background


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