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The Dodge and Burn tools got a big enhancement in Photoshop CS5. They actually work like we think they should now and you'll get very good results with them. There is one trick though. When you select the Dodge or Burn tools, take a look in the top Options Bar and make sure you have Protect Tones turned on. This protects some of the key tones in your photos while dodging and burning (mainly the skin) and makes the tools work a lot better. If it's turned off you'll end up getting the not so great results those tools used to yield in previous versions of Photoshop.



  1. Jesse 14 February, 2011 at 03:08 Reply

    How do you change the cursor for the erase tool from a plus sing to a circle when you are dodge and burning. It is hard to use the plus sing and the day before we had a circle and now we don’t

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