Back from Boston!

Well we are back from Photoshop World in Boston and I must say I had a such a blast this time around. True it was cold but the event was not to be missed. I had three sessions on the first day alone and they seemed to be a big hit, especially my Illustrator class. As usual, the keynote was a riot! The crowd really got into it and it set the show off right! Of course the Guru awards were not to be missed. See winners here. I certainly enjoyed reconnecting with friends and fans and I got lot of good feedback for future material. Perhaps one of the most fun events this year was Midnight Madness. It was so much fun and we had such cool games the whole crowd just had a great time. Definitely one of the best one’s yet.

Another aspect of Photoshop World that never disappoints is the Tech Expo. When I wasn’t teaching a session, I was in the Expo. There were so many vendors like Adobe, Nikon, and Wacom who announced their newest line of tablets; the Intuous 4. They even had a hands on lab set up so you could test drive the tablet yourself. Scott Kelby has some great pics of the vent over on his blog. Check them out here.

Here’sanother piece of interesting news. Last week the MacWorld website posted a story titled: What Photoshop World can teach other trade shows. It’s an interesting perspective on how the Photoshop World Expo compares to others. Read it here. Anyway it’s back to grind here at NAPP HQ. Stay tuned…



  1. jb 1 April, 2009 at 11:13 Reply

    OMG!! You did the awesome thing at Photoshop World Boston where you created a 3D panel and then were able to look at images thru that panel without moving the image but how ever you moved that panel that part of the back round imaged showed. Is there anyway you can explain that again?? Please???

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